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Enterprise demands for greater network agility, higher performance and expense optimization continue to grow.  Your employees are bringing more devices, connecting from more locations and your applications and data are moving out of your data center to locations around the globe.  Odds are, your existing network is challenged by these emerging requirements, with difficulty delivering a seamless user experience. Add in budgetary constraints the IT department is even more constrained in solving these problems. Gaining efficiency while reducing cost seems like a daunting task when you consider the criticality of your WAN, the myriad of SD-WAN choices and the security threats that constantly on the horizon.

The number of available options in the SD-WAN and Secure Web Gateway/NGFW space can be overwhelming and difficult to categorize.  Reaching out to vendors directly will likely drive confusion and create churn within your organization.  FutureWAN can help.  Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our network engineers have decades of real-world experience and have been upgrading networks and implementing cloud services for years.  We can analyze your existing environment and provide guidance on navigating the process with the right vendors, resulting in an optimized, secure WAN that is ready for the future.   Let’s have a conversation

SD-WAN Can Drive Significant Cost Savings
If you are currently running an MPLS network or still have MPLS circuits, moving to SD-WAN can yield significant cost savings. Even if you have already moved on from MPLS but are still managing traditional routers and firewalls, cost savings and increased performance are still achievable. Ubiquitous, high-quality internet access has now reached commodity status (the likes of dial tone). Leveraging the latest Secure Web Gateways/NGFW and SD-WAN offerings enable you to create a secure, enterprise-grade corporate WAN over these commodity links. The overall architecture will be significantly less expensive, more secure and provide a consistent end user experience. Let us show you how.
Upgrade your User Experience
As your users bring more devices and expect a seamless experience across all applications, the demands will likely continue to stress your current architecture. User patterns have emerged from using the internet for Facebook or Google to accessing your mission critical enterprise applications. If you are backhauling your internet traffic, your MPLS circuits move toward carrying an increasing amount of internet traffic vs. corporate data, making them extremely expensive, low bandwidth internet circuits. Your security model is likely to be stressed as well as the “castle and moat” strategy is extended to the web. Multiple challenges for credentials, a poor MFA experience and slow response times will impact your users and create frustration across the organization. Providing a direct path to your internet applications with a single authentication mechanism will allow a user to move seamlessly both within and outside of your environment, even as you implement a “zero trust” model across your infrastructure.
“IT isn’t important until it doesn’t work”
Chances are, your current network team is managing routes and firewall rules in a static environment that requires analysis and manual changes to multiple devices to improve network traffic or resolve issues. Moving to an SD-WAN deployment enables traffic optimization across your entire WAN without human intervention. Application paths are optimized, link issues are detected and routed around in milliseconds and Quality of Service is prioritized in real time. Your users will notice as response times increase, applications are easier to access and outages are a thing of the past.

Who We Are

We are a team of talented, dedicated network engineers and technical architects who lead customers through the treacherous landscape of WAN modernization. We have taken large, global organizations through the process and have deep expertise to help with designing your solution and selecting vendors. Once your architecture is finalized, getting there is the remaining challenge. Our technical project managers and engineers will work with your team to lead the effort for a seamless, no-impact cutover.

What We Do

The typical FutureWAN engagement begins with us understanding your environment, current challenges and cost structure. We can then recommend a short list of vendors in the SD-WAN and Web Security Gateway categories. We will work with your team to lead discussions with the vendors on capability, suitability and cost. FutureWAN engineers will then work with you to determine the final architecture, vendor selection and price negotiation. Finally, we will lead the implementation for a smooth transition to your new landscape.

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FutureWAN, a Philadelphia-based IT services company, provides advisory, architecture and implementation services for your network upgrade. We partner with our clients to provide real-world experience and guide them through the complex vendor landscape. Our solutions enable you to deliver noticeable productivity improvements to your users while increasing performance and reducing cost.

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